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We are very proud to offer the Green County's finest and largest selection of distilled spirits.  Catering to all tastes, types and sizes our ever expanding liquor department is poised to meet each and every customer need.  In addition, there is always experienced sales staff  on hand to help you plan your party and find all the fixings needed for your favorite Daiquiri, Martini, Manhattan, Margarita or Secret Cocktail.

Whether your tastes lean toward hard to find specialty liqueurs, national name brands, regional oddities, long-lost favorites or money saving generic substitutes be confident we have what you are looking for.  In the unlikely event we do not have in stock,  or are unfamiliar with your request,  we will gladly special order any brand available in Wisconsin at no additional charge. We love to chase down obscure imported and domestic specialties for you and then to share them with others who may be looking for something similar.  We strive to fill every beverage need and hope to one day be confident enough to declare “if we don’t have it … no one will!”  
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