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Nothing says Wisconsin more than a cold beer.  To meet our customers demands for brews we carry a vast selection of domestic, imported, regional, micro and keg beers. We are blessed in southern Wisconsin to be surrounded by local brewers known worldwide for their exquisite fare.  Located literally just down the street is the Minhas Craft Brewery providing unique and modestly priced beer to both the connoisseur and the bargain hunter.  Up the road a few miles is the renown New Glarus Brewing Company, the home farm of “Spotted Cow” and other regional favorites.  

If your tastes are more to the traditional be assured your favorite will be in stock and ice cold.  With the area’s largest cold beer storage capacity we will have what you want, when you want it and cold the way you like it!  The beer industry is growing so fast with new breweries opening every day it is impossible to offer every brand available but we do our best to carry as many as we can.  However, if there is a unique, special or hard-to find brand you are looking for, and we do not have it,  we will special order it for you at no additional charge.  Starting with requests of as little as one case filling special orders are our pleasure. Generally, special orders can be filled in less than two weeks and often in as little as a few days.  Give our sales staff a chance to serve you by testing them to track down that great brew you had but cannot find… I bet we can!

Imported beers are not as popular in rural Wisconsin because of the proliferation of small micro-breweries and brew pubs but we still carry many of the most popular brands and all the favorites:  Guinness, Spaten, Corona, Heineken, Red Stripe, Becks, Modelo, and St Pauli Girl to name a few.

We have been specializing in Keg beer for over 40 years  and it raises so many questions it has it’s own section below so for more detailed information check it out.  Kegs are available year round and in multiple sizes and flavors.  Traditional classics like Budweiser and Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Busch Light and regional specialties like Spotted Cow are all kept on hand.  If your tastes are for a seasonal treat or a special favorite we can and will special order any keg available to us with a weeks notice, including hard to find imports & Micro's.  If you are planning a large gathering, and contemplating where to save consider keg beer,  and save big!  Our sales staff is well versed in the advantages and pitfalls of  “keggers”,  just give us a call or stop in and we will help you choose the right size for your next party.  

If your party, business or group is considering a very large scale outing or purchase please give our management team a call, stop in, or drop an email, to inquire about our “Large Volume” discount program.  Orders as large as straight pallets (100 cases) and larger are no problem and we will strive to meet your every request quickly, efficiently and on budget.  

The next time your beer shopping don’t settle for beer stacked next to the cheerios and dish soap, let us serve your beer needs with product handled by professionals, stored properly, rotated to assure freshness and chilled to the bone.
         Nothing is more sacred than your beer!!

Take a look at our Craft Beer Stocks!

Tapping a Keg.

There are several different beer (and root beer ) style tapping units available and we employ several different types in service currently. Despite the varied appearances they all work on an identical premise and are more similar than they first appear. The tapping units themselves consist of a pump cylinder which provides the air pressure needed to drive the product from the barrel itself, a "taphead" which locks the unit to the metal barrel and various valves, gaskets, springs and widgets to make it work. When intially tapping a keg follow this procedure:

put keg in tub and ice first (they are very heavy and awkward ice it now)

remove protective plastic cap on barrel

check to ensure taphead side handle is up (disengaged)

match slots in taphead to metal tabs on top of barrel

turn tapper clockwise until tight ( generally 1/4 turn )

pull side handle out, push down, slide in (will lock into taphead)

open fountain head at end of hose

keg is now tapped and beer should pour easily

pump gently while drawing to increase beer flow

Removing Tapper when finished:

pull side lever out, pull up and release

turn tapping unit counter-clockwise until unit is free

Do’s and Don’ts:

DO NOT OVER PUMP! most tap beer problems are caused by too much pressure

do not expect our staff to load kegs alone or in small vehicles

do not pick up kegs by the tapper (will weaken seals and leak)

do keep the keg cold before and during use (warm product causes foaming)

do handle tappers with care ( you will be liable for excessive damage )

do call immediately if encountering tapping diffiulty

do tap your keg during business hours & check for leaks and pressure

do not expect refunds on returned kegs, it is not allowed

Frequently Asked Questions on Keg Beer:

Q: I have too much foam. What can I do?

A: Foam is generally caused by one of two things: too much pressure or beer not cold. First check to see that you have adequate ice or refrigeration on the keg. We store beer at 38-40 degrees and if it is allowed to warm up too severely it will become foamy. Pressure issues are caused by improper tapping or pumping. Check to see how fast the beer has been pouring. It should flow freely and not spray out. Many customers wrongly believe keg beer should pour the same from an air system the same as it would from a CO2 unit like you would find in a tavern, this is incorrect. Never pump while the faucet is closed, this creates foam and excessive pressure. If this is the problem open the faucet fully and draw off all the foam into a pitcher or cups until the flow stops completely. Then begin drawing beer again while only pumping when flow wains and faucet is open.

Q: Tapper broke! It was working fine and then the pump failed. (either stuck or loose with no resistence)

A: A seal has failed most likely from over pumping. Asa safety measure modern tappers are designed to only withhold limited back pressure to guarantee that there is no way too much pressure could be forced into the keg itself causing a possibly dangerous situation. Follow the pressure release/over pumping procedure above.

Q: Tapper leaks! I can see (or hear ) beer seeping out the top of the keg!

A: Kegs are sanitized, refilled and returnded to service countless times it is not uncommon for them to show wear. Untap the keg and realign the tabs on the top of the barrel with the tapper and retap slowly. Often the best seal is obtained at a point slighlty less than fully turned clockwise to stop. Gently adjusting the tapper on the keg will generally seat the units gasket more securely.

Q: We didn’t finish our barrel, can we get a refund?

A: Sorry no. We are unable to offer refunds for unused keg beer tapped or untapped. Because of the fragile nature of keg beer temperature maintanence issuanance of refunds is not allowable.

Q: We didn’t finish the keg. Will it be good to drink tomorrow?

A: Yes. Keg beeg is really just a great big can of beer and it will be fine for a limited time. Unfortunately, air is beers enemy and just like a can of bud left out open all night it will be flat and failing fast. Basically, how much beer has been removed from the keg will determine how long what is left will last but generally you want to drink keg beer in one sitting for it’s finest quality and taste.

A1: Regarding rootbeer barrels: Becasue of the carbonation of soda Blumers RootBeer and other like products will last much longer than fermented malts. Even so you will want to order an appropriate amount to not leave large left-overs and inevitable waste. Let our staff help you figure the accurate keg size when ordering and avoid costly waste later.

Q: Why it the deposit so expensive? ($100)

A: Because of the current value of scrap metals human consumption grade stainless steel is expensive and whereever there is easy money there is always someone ready to take advantage. To avoid the constant loss of keg hardware the breweries have been forced to charge much higher cooperage fees on their kegs and equipement to keep up with those who would destroy it for scrap cash. Ironically, what seems a very high fee for deposits actually only partially covers the breweries initial investment to have the kegs fabricated. We are lucky it is not higher.

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